a machine sewing class

How do I know it’s truly summer break? Because I just spent a Friday afternoon, during normal work hours, at a Sewing 101 class at Workshop!!

Because the class is during when decent folks are at jobby jobs, there were just me and another teacher as students. Our instructor Aaron was an awesomely hipster young lad who taught himself how to sew and apparently lives with roommates who also sew. It really sounds like every night is a sewing party at their house!

Once Aaron taught us how to set up the machine (I now know what a “bobbin” is), we were off to create our first project – a beer koozie using scrap pieces of fabric.


He also gave us a short crash course of making simple patterns and how to account for seams. To put this to the test, we each had to make a little pouch for our phones.

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